Solidarisch Tanzen

“Solidarity mustn't just be in our heads. We need to live it, or better dance it!”


Solidarity mustn't just be in our heads. We need to live it, or better dance it!


our principle is simple: we come together. we support. we dance.

as SOLIDARISCH TANZEN we feel that there is a need in our society for meaningful interaction and connection, as well as an urge to do something not just for ourselves, but for others. we call this solidarity. we want to foster this bond of solidarity between people, across spaces, across time, across any borders there are.

like in a society, in dancing we come together. we share a room, where we need to be respectful towards each other and be aware of our surroundings. dancing connects people.  dancing is universal. dancing doesn’t know prejudice, origin, race, nation, religion. in dancing we move, we feel, we share emotions, space and we laugh, together.


SOLIDARISCH TANZEN offers a platform for solidarity initiatives and events. our aim is to bring people together, increase the audience for non-commercial activities and create events ourselves, full of art, heart, love and beautiful music for beautiful minds.


each event we host or support benefits an organization or initiative that is helping and empowering others. hence, all surplus generated goes to the beneficiary. we believe that in order to create a more social society, generating donations and money is a means but not the end. there is so much more we can do.


at SOLIDARISCH TANZEN everybody is welcome to support in anyway they can. show your love, bring in what you can, tell others, support in any way you like. we believe in our collective power to change the world we live in. step by step. based on that:


“If I can’t dance to it, it’s not my revolution.” (Emma Goldmann)