"Solidarity mustn't just be in our heads. We need to live it, or better dance it. Therefor we create valuable projects and events, full of arts & love. For future. We*. Dance." (Solidaria Tanzt)

In dancing we come together. We can become one, one crowd of dancers. We therefor share a room, we share space, we share time, we share emotions. We move, we feel each other, we create a common experience, we share moments of togetherness.

Dancing connects people. Dancing doesn’t know race, nation, religion or hate. Dancing creates emotions. Dancing unites. Dancing is universal, it's for everyone, in their own style and regarding their capacities to be, a dancer. Dancing crosses borders and bridges. In dancing we need to be respectful towards each other and be aware of the other people around. We can dance together and alone, respecting everyone’s freedom of choice, body, mind, gender, sexuality, capactities of communication. We look for consense, only then we can truly connect. We dance for love and peace and unity. We dancers do also sing, we moan, we laugh, and we fight together, when we must.

SOLIDARISCH TANZEN creates events where we all can dance, perform, listen to music, see and feel the arts, where we can talk and laugh, where we share problems and find solutions, together. For each of our events we choose an initiative or purpose why we come together. We start a project when we get inspired by people, by something, or when we feel the need to get active in solidarity with others. We then start to plan event, we promote the idea and we start to collect donations. We continueasly reflect our own position, perspectives and privileges in our activites and we use what we have as best as we can to support those who are not born with the same privileges. Nobody has asked us to do this, we do it because we believe it is the right thing to do.

At SOLIDARISCH TANZEN we invite everybody to contribute in whatever way they can to create (additional) value for our projects and events. Everybody is welcome. We have given us some rules how we do things, but they can change. We are open for new ideas and perspectives, new impulses and constructive criticism. Nevertheless we share certain common beliefs, that are for debate:
Therefor we will not tolerate and accept any forms of racism, sexism, or other forms discrimination. We live and work emancipatory, peaceful and beyond dogmatism and ideology. We are not perfect, we make mistakes. We want to learn from them and improve. Ongoingly.

With SOLIDARISCH TANZEN we connect, we create, we learn. Together. Across spaces, across time, across any borders that exist. As good as we can. If a movement grows, its power increases. Not for the people involved, but for the reason they connect and the common beliefs and values they share. Towards a future worth living in. For change. For live. Nobody is free, until we* all are free.

For future. For us*. In solidarity. We* dance.