In Dancing we come together. We share a room, we share a space, we share common ground on why we are here. Dancing connects people, dancing doesn’t know race, nation, religion, it doesn’t care. Dancing is universal, for everyone, crosses borders and bridges. In Dancing we move, we feel, we share emotions and space, we need to be respectful towards each other and be aware of the other people around. We can dance together and alone, respecting everyone’s freedom of choice, body, mind. We dance for love and peace and unity. We sing, we moan, we laugh, and we fight together, when we must.

At SOLIDARISCH TANZEN we create events where we dance, perform, music, arts, theatre, exhibition, where we talk and laugh, where we share problems and find solutions, together. For our events we choose an initiative or reason, or others that inspire us, and for that we raise donations. Donations for people that benefit from our help, not because we are entitled to, because we want to. Nobody has asked us to do this, we do it because we believe it is the right thing to do. We use our priviledges, if we have them, to support others. We invite and support those equally, that don’t have the same priviledges as we do. We invite everybody to contribute in whatever way they can to create additional value for our events. Everybody is welcome. We have give us rules, but they can change. What is not for debate, that we share a common belief that no matter what, we will not tolerate and accepts any forms of racism, sexism, discrimination. We live and work peaceful, reject violence and ideology. We are not perfect, we make mistakes. We want to learn from them and improve.

At SOLIDARISCH TANZEN we do. We connect, we create, we learn. Together. Across spaces, across time, across any borders that exist. As good as we can. If a movement grows, its power increases. Not for the people involved, for the reason they connect and the common beliefs and values towars a future worth living for. For our children. In solidarty we dance.

Die Stadt Kobanê in der nordsyrischen Region Rojava hat Ende 2014 erfolgreich den Angriff des IS abgewehrt und ist seitdem ein selbstverwaltetes Gebiet, das sich u.a. durch kommunale Demokratien mit emanzipatorischem Anspruch auszeichnet.

Ende des Jahres 2015 hat sich in Berlin eine Gruppe zusammengefunden um eine Soliparty für die Iniative ‘Schule für Kobanê’ zu veranstalten. Das vorrangige Ziel: Den Wiederaufbau einer Schule zu unterstützen. Ein weiterführendes Ziel: Den Aufbau einer solidarischen & emanzipatorischen Gesellschaft unterstützen.

Und aus einer Veranstaltung wurden zwei, drei, vier. Und schon sind wir hier.

SOLIDARISCH TANZEN. Wir befinden uns im Aufbau. Kommt bald wieder. Es geht weiter.

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